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Things on Earth look a little too dicey this summer to put on an outdoor music festival - so - The Galactic Get Down is going VIRTUAL for our FIFTH year in 2020!

- Live music
- Live art
- Live fire performance
- Virtual shakedown street
- Real-time community interaction

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Stages provided by:
Nate Way (The Way Station)
Robert Hilstrom (BryteSpot Audio and Video Production)
Bryce Tuitt (PsychoTropic Sounds LLC)
John Mehren (Vicarious Visions)

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Greetings, Space Cadets. We have been watching the situation develop on Earth, and we must say it looks as though you’re having a pretty crazy year so far. Due to the unpredictable nature of your planet right now - we have decided to VIRTUALIZE The Galactic Get Down Music Festival for 2020. Ultimately we want what is best for our community, for our own well-being, and for the human race as a whole. GGD has always been a festival built on a common love of the cosmos - and similarly, a lot of our trust is put into the science. Therefore, it would seem the only logical course of action is to take our festival weekend to forge a new path.

As many of you know, we are no strangers to the virtual world. We have been honing our craft for years, and since the COVID-19 Pandemic, we’ve done nothing but improve our skills. A lot can (and will) happen between now and then. We aren’t sure what this event will look like all said and done, but we can tell you that we are going to do everything we can to create an out-of-this-world music/art/community experience.


Some of our existing plans and ideas include…

  • Live artists from the original line-up as possible! (music and art!)

  • Featuring VIRTUAL and DIGITAL art!

  • Fire/flow performances

  • Digital “shakedown street” with craft vendors

  • Drive-in movie micro-shows / satellite streaming parties

  • more TBA


Ticket holders for 2020 are entitled to be refunded. However, we would like to encourage ticket holders to roll their purchases over to 2021, and we will include perks for those that do. We are just starting to come up with fun incentives, but so far we are thinking…

- All-access to everything GGD:V (you bet there will be perks!)
- GGD Swag (stickers, t-shirt, coloring book, and more to be announced!)
- Exclusive private GGD:BBQ featuring a performance by Smokin' Joe & Friends
- Special at-festival GGD2021 perks
- More to be announced :)

If you would like your 2020 ticket refunded, please follow these steps:
- email:
- subject: “GGD2020 REFUND”
- include: the full legal name of ticket purchaser and best contact number


I know this is a bummer for us all, but probably not too big of a surprise. Such are the times. Diving into technology, and traversing the waters of this rocky global climate will not be easy. That being said, it has been proven to me time and time again over the last five years that when we all work together toward a common goal - as a community - there is practically nothing we can’t do. I love you all, and appreciate all of the energy and support you’ve put into this event so far in 2020, and over the years. I hope this new challenge does nothing but make us stronger and bring us closer together.


We love you all, and we already can’t wait for the next adventure. See you soon, one way or another!


The GGD Crew 🚀

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