Dead Larry’s powerful blend of high energy rock, dance and funk shakes the foundation of modern music. From rock driven sea shanties to pulsating dance beats. From Beatle-esque harmonies to spine chilling screams. From shake-yo-booty funk jams to orchestral themes of space and time travel. Dead Larry is one thing: Original. The band was formed in a basement in high school, and after over a decade of writing, touring, and chasing the dream Dead Larry has grown to be one of the most prominent independent rock bands coming out of the Midwest.

Reflecting on his live shows, Zach says "music to me is about bringing people together from all walks of life and living in the moment with a joyful heart!" Deputy's one man show creates a unique experience straight from the soul every night, raw and uncut with absolutely nothing prerecorded. As a pioneer of looping and synth guitar work well ahead of his time, he's taken the technology to uncharted lands delivering a pocket groove unique to the ears. Zach says, "call me crazy, but I've always believed live music should always be live, but I've also always loved a good tranced out dance party too." With this in mind he tailored his performances to meet his convictions. Combining his family roots Island vibe with his low country southern soul, a pinch of tranced out hippy hop, and a vast amount of talent, Zach's sound emerges in focus.

With an extensive and amazing track record of unique and imaginative performances featuring his curious instrument and copious amounts of originality, Mike Silverman aka That1Guy has set himself apart as a true one-of-a-kind talent that rivals any other artist currently in the entertainment industry. Averaging 150-200 shows a year all over North America and Canada, That1Guy is a consistent favorite at such festivals as: Wakarusa, Electric Forest, Big Day Out, All Good, Bella, High Sierra, Summer Meltdown, Montreal Jazz Festival, and many more. He was also the ʻTap Water Awardʼ winner at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival for best musical act. His legendary collaboration and multiple tours with Buckethead as The Frankenstein Brothers have further cemented his virtuoso story as a creative visionary.

Texas native, Cas Haley is a soulful contemporary artist who has captured the heart of America through his upbeat Motown reminiscent melodic lyrics and rhythmic guitar-riffs, which are infused with a groovy surf-roots signature sound that only Cas Haley can provide. With over 50 million YouTube views in total and more than two million SoundCloud followers, the Billboard charting artist has engraved his name as a mainstay industry artist. His music conveys messages of Hope, Love and Unity. The married father of two delivers nothing less than impactful social goodness and pounds full of positivity in each and every song.

Heatbox, aka The One Man Entertainment System, is a Minneapolis based funky beatboxing loop artist, video game show host, voice over actor, and computer programmer.

He has performed with or in front of many of the world’s biggest musical acts, and wowed crowds on some of the biggest stages and talent shows.

Known for their songwriting and improvisational live performances, Frogleg would be best described as a soul band, as their influences are not drawn from one specific genre. A typical Frogleg show usually features a unique blend of Funk, Reggae, Rock and Jazz exploration.

Frogleg’s debut, self-titled album, released in April of 2015, first pressing sold out in under six months. The band followed up in 2017 with the release of ‘Busy Checking In’. The release show was met with much excitement pairing Frogleg with George Porter Jr. and Jon Cleary on the beautiful Como Dockside Pavilion. The album is seeing lots of attention from national radio, charting on stations from California to New York! The band followed up their release by pressing the album to a double vinyl and adding on some bonus live tracks from an in studio radio performance. The vinyl release show quickly sold out – something that Frogleg seems to be making a habit of. Do yourself a favor and go see a Frogleg show!

He is known mostly as the hard-hitting bassist of the Funk/Rock band Dead Larry, but when performing as Smokin' Joe, he takes a turn for the softer and lighter side of life. Joe utilizes his music as an emotional outlet. Most of his songs are autobiographical and are as much therapy for him as his fans. Overall it's the message of love, hope, and togetherness that draws fans to his folk/pop stylings. The goal is to inspire and be inspired in return.

The Lowest Pair features the duel banjo picking of Kendl Winter and Palmer T. Lee. Draped in Kendl’s high lonesome harmonies and Palmer’s Midwest croon, their debut release, 36¢, (Team Love Records) was hailed by many outlets and American Songwriter praised their ”earnest, earthy songcraft.” 

Born to a musical family, Reed Grimm has been performing on the stage since the remarkable age of 2 years old. Reed studied music and philosophy at UW-La Crosse where he co-founded the band Shoeless Revolution in which he is both lead singer and drummer. Through Shoeless Revolution, as well as performing with family members, friends and others, Reed has toured extensively around the country. Reed continues to pursue any and all musical adventures that come his way.

Space Monkey Mafia is perhaps the most unexpected new band to come out of the Twin Cities in recent memory. Formed in and around the practice rooms of McNally Smith College of Music over a love of ska and punk music, the band has quickly established a buzz around their crafty songwriting, tight vocal harmonies and horn section, and their energetic, danceable live performances.

Originally from Beaufort, South Carolina, Mae Simpson spent her formative years knowing that there were plans to do bigger things in life. Mae set out from the South at young age and began her musical career in Omaha, Nebraska. At the age of 21 Mae headed north to Minneapolis. By November of 2017, Mae joined her vocal and guitar talents with Jorgen Wadkins on guitar and Ricardo Romero on percussion. Influences by blues, soul, funk and folk, the trio quickly realized their collaborative efforts had a sound worth pursuing. The band quickly added Keaton Judy on saxophone, Paul Pederson on Trumpet, Dave Kellermann on bass and drummer Aaron Silverstein. Whether the venue is small and intimate, or raucous and roiling, the band members’ contagious connection draws the audience into

each note.

- Big Zach -

New MC (a.k.a. Big Zach) is a longtime staple of the underground hip-hop movement in Minnesota. As a teenager, Zach jumped on the scene early with his crew the Kanser Troop, playing coffee shop shows and opening for Twin Cities pioneers such as Urban Atmosphere, the Abstract Pack, the Micranots, Musab, and others.




- FlowState - 

hobday and tomdaddy




- Lifted Mindz - 

psychedelic hip hop




- Goop City - 


With 33 interchangeable strings and vibrant vocal harmonies, Ginstrings is an acoustic progressive string band driven by an indescribable passion for music

 Combining a unique blend of Funk, Rock, Psychedelic and many other genres, Space Monster is growing a community with our music, the flow of hoopers, live painting, giant monkeys, dinosaurs and anybody else who wants to join in! We're all about working together to create a great experience for everybody involved, so come out and jam with us! 

Earth to Clark is a fresh, positive, uplifting band based out of Beloit, WI. Incorporating elements of Funkadelic, Rock, Reggae and Hippie Hip Hop, Earth to Clark celebrates a dynamic sound that draws a wide variety of audience members.

Earth to Clark is a fresh, positive, uplifting band based out of Beloit, WI. Incorporating elements of Funkadelic, Rock, Reggae and Hippie Hip Hop, Earth to Clark celebrates a dynamic sound that draws a wide variety of audience members.

With a passion and undeniable respect for roots music, this power group gives rise to a unique soulful sound, while remembering the musicians that laid the foundation be for them. This Rampant sound comes from a deep spot within the soul and can be linked to a collaboration of blues, funk, rock, folk and even reggae, forming an atmosphere of soulful jams. Rampant Roots consists of Will Effertz, the lyricist, vocalist and guitarist of the group. Demitri Rallis, also from the infamous jam group Frogleg, known for his soulful lightning solos. Josh Maxwell, the room shaker, where ever goes... the funk will follow, the master of the thundering bass. And finally the spine of the band, Derek Fagerwold, who can be found playing with countless bands within the twin cities, bringing the rampant rhythm.

Rampant Roots form a night of ol' stlye jams mixed with self-written music and soul-shaking covers. A few of their many influences consist of Allman Brothers, Bob Marley, Ray Charles, Neil Young, Widespread Panic, Parliament Funkadelic and so on. “We respect our roots but we also love to add our own Rampant twist and simply get dowwwwwn.”

long live local music

Rip-roarin Rock N' Roll. Send out good vibes. Get good vibes back.

instagram: gussroyall

Guss Royall is a 4 piece alt-rock band from Northeast Iowa, with a steady rhythm, blues driven guitars, and catchy vocals for your listening pleasure..

At it’s core, Irie Minds is all about jammin’, good vibes, and getting people on their feet. Formed in Minnesota, this pop/reggae four-piece never fails to bring infectious grooves that you can’t help but dance to. Drawing inspiration from bands like Sublime and Rebelution, the band fuses their own style with the sounds of Southern California, creating music that revolves around themes of feeling good and living worry-free. Through their captivating stage presence and engaging performances, Irie Minds has become well established in the Southern Minnesota music scene. Since their inception in early 2017, they have developed a strong local fan base, and have high hopes for the upcoming year. Irie Minds is currently working on their first EP, and will be releasing it alongside their 8-day, five state tour in March of 2018. As far as future endeavors go, the band has one main objective: to continue spreading love and good vibes through their music.

Based in Minneapolis, Porky's Groove Machine is a licensed provider of environmentally sustainable nerd funk that is “ready to help you get on with your baddestself” (Maximum Ink Music Magazine, July 2017). Since forming in 2011, they’ve criss-crossed the Midwest and East Coast, bringing their mature musicality (but no so mature sense of humor) to audiences of all ages. With their tight playing, choreographed dance moves, and audience-engaging performances, they always bring a funky party that is sure to get crowds laughing, dancing, and singing!

Stringdingers are a dynamic five-piece bluegrass band from Minneapolis, MN. Their style reaches from traditional and fiddle tunes, to contemporary bluegrass, to the edge of the string music abyss.

Blending electronic loops and samples with live instrumentation, Undercover Organism creates a sound they call live electronic jam fusion. With influences in jam, funk, hip-hop, dub and many styles of electronic music, UO strives on exciting the crowd with sounds they don't normally here from a live band. Growing increasingly more fans near and far, Undercover Organism looks to infect people looking for climactic jams layered with spectral soundscapes. From their formation in 2009, UO has always been recognized as a band that experiments with an electronic jam style that is gaining increased popularity among festival goers and music enthusiasts. Deep bass and synths are prevalent with arpeggiated backdrops, meanwhile guitars melodically rip through building to epic crescendos. Mixing electronics and live instrumentation together, Undercover Organism has shown that it is capable of turning any place into a dance party. Dynamic, rhythmic, melodic, raging – it's all there. Improvisation is key with ever changing sounds, instruments and samples. Undercover Organism is constantly evolving and always finding new ways to keep the crowd moving. Engulf yourself in the electric sound waves of Undercover Organism.

Spare Change Trio radiates a carefree island atmosphere with tight drums and energizing bass lines, while their iconic rock drive steers the musical journey with awe-inspiring guitar riffs and vintage vocal harmonies. This Milwaukee-based group, known largely for their eclectic live performances that incorporate the Australian Yidaki (didgeridoo) into flowing soundscapes of reggae, funk, and jazz-fusion, consistently leave audiences wanting more. Deeply rooted in the positive message of reggae music, the band has grown to realize their calling: to spread peace, love, and harmony… while laying down an infectious groove.

Picture your favorite karate movie. Now imagine that the actors used instruments instead of their fists. Now imagine that instead of studying martial arts, they studied jazz and were taught by modern radio instead of a Sensei - and also knew nothing about karate. Karate Chop, Silence is sorta like that.

Hot Pink Hangover is your permission slip to cut loose! When you are tired of the grind and the bad news, Hot Pink Hangover reminds you that there is still fun to be had! Let’s PAINT THE TOWN PINK!

Established in 2012. 

Mitchell Benson, Mike Herold & Mikey Kleis have been on a nonstop journey to create a band that pushes their musical creativity to new boundaries. This high variety power trio delivers a consistent psycho rock sound while continually experimenting with new tones and themed concepts for individual songs. In 2013 Splimit released their self titled E.P. In 2015 they had the honor to open up for punk rock legends “The Misfits”. With a genre bending mentality, these three musicians continue to incorporate diverse musical ideas into a unfailing vibration of individuality. You can now find Splimit’s newest full length record “The Lumberland Success” available for purchase and streaming on all major platforms.

The band’s engaging live-experience relies on the unexpected, genre-bending sound of its original material as much as it does its revolving door of musical influences. As technically skilled as they are innovative, Granola’s ambition is raising the musical standard in an untapped musical community.

Alternative/Reggae from the Black Hills of South Dakota

A fixture in the Kansas City "newgrass" scene for five years, Whiskey for the Lady is a high-energy melting pot of eclectic musical styles and wildly opposite personalities. That may be the formula that makes their music so well loved by young punk rockers and old time bluegrass-lovers alike. From festival set to porch session, the band's unique roots sound delivers an unforgettable live experience.

Mikey D brings acoustic guitar and electric bass together to create a psychedelic soundscape, sometimes bright sometimes brooding. Blending the dark and light mood with soulful vocals in a unique style. Using his guitar like a drum he creates simple beats and loops it all live. Playing a mix of Psychedelic loops and hip hop infused country funk soul, Mikey D disappears into his performances. He hails from Fargo, ND.

Lead guitar of Medicine for the People.

Ira Haze has been an active member of the Twin Cities’ local music scene for over 15 years. He has played anywhere and everywhere, from street corners, coffee shops, and ice cream parlors, to house parties and bars, to the State Fair Grandstand and the First Avenue main room.

Intergalactic Pirates from the 7th Dimension.

Music Lover. Sponsored ARtist of KFAI. Boss and founder of Only Every Monday. Great dude. Amazing Music.

What a VOCALIST. Front man for Basement Brew and Max Graham and Fam. Just wait until you hear this human sing...WOW!

Reggae/Punk from the Twin Cities! Vegan. Activist. Singer/Song Writer. Community leader. Musician! 

Hello Good People! 
My name is Tony Tree, also known as Lumonus. I'm a writer and MC based out of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan as well as the Twin Cities. Throughout my life I've been very heavily influenced by funk, jazz, blues, soul, rock n roll, and hip hop. I've been writing rhymes and experimenting with the creation of my own music since I was very young. However, It wasn't until I met some really great homies who influenced me to project my energy outward that I would further develop my sound and realize my passion for writing & performing, inevitably launching myself into Lumonus Flow Project. 
That was durring the summer of 2016 and since then I've had the pleasure of sharing the stage numerous times with some of our favorite artists and bands including New Reb and Cosmic Serenity. Now nearly three years later I'm ready to share a full solo set of Lumonus Rhymes with you all at The Galactic Get Down! It's about time right? Much Love Fam, Can't Wait to Get Down With You All Very Soon!

I’m 16 year old percussive fingerstyle guitarist from Minneapolis, MN - currently based out of Northfield, MN. Active hug lover, festival goer, musical medicine maker. I have music released on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, and all other major outlets! I am the Vice President of the Northfield Union of Youth, the longest standing youth-made, youth-ran center in the country, fundraising through music which has always been part of the culture for the kids there.

So much has happened for me musically in the last year or two and I am endlessly thankful. Honored to share the journey with you! Blessings

Renneygade,(Tyler Renney), is a one man, multi-intsrumental, looping project. Bringing a full band sound, with no ties to any genre!