Dead Larry’s powerful blend of high energy rock, dance and funk shakes the foundation of modern music. From rock driven sea shanties to pulsating dance beats. From Beatle-esque harmonies to spine chilling screams. From shake-yo-booty funk jams to orchestral themes of space and time travel. Dead Larry is one thing: Original. The band was formed in a basement in high school, and after over a decade of writing, touring, and chasing the dream Dead Larry has grown to be one of the most prominent independent rock bands coming out of the Midwest.


Kind music for kind people. Calling Minneapolis home, Kind Country has been instrumental in bridging the gap between the local Bluegrass, Americana, Folk, and Jam-Band scenes to create a diverse and rich blend of musical styles that refuses to fit in a single genre’s checkbox. The high-energy improvisational creative energy of the band’s stage performance infuses their studio albums with the intuitive and nearly telepathic connection they’ve grown famous for on stage. The beaming smiles, joyful laughter, knowing glances, brotherly encouragement, and outpouring of love are so palpable and genuine, their camaraderie leaves the audience begging for more.

The ebb and flow of magnetic energy and speed draws the audience closer with each guitar lick, mando pluck, and fiddle stroke.


Elephant Wrecking Bot is a very special arrangement of two of the three members of Elephant Wrecking Ball (Neal, “Fro!”, Evans and Scott Flynn) where the amount of humans is less but the amount of electronics is more. Exploring new songs and soundscapes along with some classic Elephant Wrecking Ball repertoire, Elephant Wrecking Bot is sure to please fans of EWB and electronic music alike. Elephant Wrecking Bot is comprised of Scott Flynn and Neal “Fro!” Evans. The two musicians have an extensive list of musical credentials, having performed and recorded with the likes of John Brown’s Body, Dopapod, Turkuaz, Pretty Lights, Odesza, Break Science, and many others.


A lyrically driven alternative rock band from Minneapolis, MN. Expect emotional reactions to and explosive performances from this 5-piece sensory extravaganza. Their unique space age alternative rock style is forged by the immense talent of each of their members. The band is fronted by Joe Scarpellino, a singer/songwriter with deep roots in the Midwest music scene.


Space Monkey Mafia’s style is difficult to pin down. Fans have described them as “swing punk”, “reggae blues”, “intergalactic space rock”, “anticapitalist brass punk”, and “rock with horns”. Despite these imaginative genres, Space Monkey Mafia most closely identifies as a ska band, bringing to the table a brand of ska reminiscent of contemporary American acts such as The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Mad Caddies, Sublime, and Streetlight Manifesto. They also have a deep respect for the genre’s roots: in their cover of the iconic first-wave song “Pressure Drop” by Toots and the Maytals, the band takes the listener on a musical journey through all three waves of ska history, gradually becoming heavier until the song finally erupts anthemically into a mix of horns and vocal harmonies. Twin Cities Media journalist Fred Sobottka describes Space Monkey Mafia as “high energy - jumping, playing in the crowd - a real workout”.


Mae Simpson is a singer/songwriter born In Beaufort South Carolina. From a very early age she would find herself singing songs she never heard, because they were her's. Through the years she found love in the music she writes. Passion, soul, and a rawness of real emotions showing through. Today she works with an array of talented musicians in the Twin Cities hoping to bring back some soul and female power.

(Pink Floyd Tribute Band)

A Pink Floyd Tribute Band from Minneapolis, MN


Feed the Dog is an eclectic and action-packed, high-energy, jam-rock-grass band. The Appleton based group features masterfully crafted fiddle, Kottke like finger pickin' acoustic six and twelve string guitar, funky bass lines, and percussive soul.


Chachuba is a trio that blends live elements with electronic production. With a wide array of original music and covers they bridge a traditional DJ set with a live performance and improvisation.


Druzy Rose is a seven piece group born in a basement of Minneapolis, Minnesota in November of 2018. Although driven primarily by dreamy lyrics about the life and times of a part time party girl, full time cynic, the band also features high energy performances on alto and tenor saxophone, piano, synth, guitar, bass, production, and drums. Seamlessly combining the genres of bedroom/ dream pop and piano driven indie, Druzy Rose creates music that speaks deeply to the troubled collective human consciousness in a manner that is both charmingly whimsical and brutally raw.


A fresh, dynamic string band forged in the white-hot fires of the Minneapolis live music scene, Stringdingers draw inspiration from a wide array of artists and genres to craft the signature blend of bluegrass, country, and funky jam improvisation that distinguishes their sound. Each of the band’s songwriters evokes meditations on heartbreak, vengeance, fine Brazilian dining, and other key facets of the human experience through lyrics that at once recall the playfulness of John Hartford, the tenderness of Peter Rowan, and the habitual drunkenness of Hank Williams. Traditional bluegrass instrumentation provided by Jack Reuvers on mandolin, Alex Gelking on acoustic guitar, and Brett Mularkey on acoustic guitar and banjo, joins with Nick Spielman’s electric bass and Sam Kurachek’s drumset to create a broad sound palette that fuels the band’s diverse musical explorations.


Feeding Leroy began as a duo, when Lee Martin and Sonja Bjordal started performing together in Park City, UT. They had a weekly gig through out one fateful summer and decided they had found what they were meant to do. The two took their show back home to Duluth, MN, on the shores of Lake Superior where they have been performing regularly ever since. Feeding Leroy came out of the collaboration of Sonja and Lee’s original songs, blending into a unique project, with their songwriting and vocal harmonies as the focus of this bands sound. It’s kind of a family affair now, with brother Luke stepping in on the harmonica and long time friend and bassist, Adam Staupe on the upright bass, both adding their vocal harmonies, creating somewhat of a gospel undertone that acts as it’s own instrument in the band.

(queer indie rock)​

Coming together from all across the mid-west, The Immaculate Beings is a family of queer eclectic human beings who promote the importance of self-love, self-care, and self-validation through their music and performance. Combining sounds of Indie Rock, Folk, Jazz, and Psychedelic Ambience, Trevor, Griffin, Joe, Christian, Casey, Staurie, and Michael are here to create a safe space that reminds you how much you matter in this world. You are so loved.



Combining a unique blend of Funk, Rock, Psychedelic and many other genres, Space Monster is growing a community with our music, the flow of hoopers, live painting, giant monkeys, dinosaurs and anybody else who wants to join in! We're all about working together to create a great experience for everybody involved, so come out and jam with us! 


The Fam is a Minneapolis based music collective fronted by Max Graham of Kind Country and features members of Frogleg, Space Monkey Mafia, and more!


(drop hop)​

Flowstate is a musical duo that brings a high energy and sultry stage presence. Their "drop-hop" sound is sure to get your body moving!

(Hip-hop, Soul, Funk)​

Earth to Clark is a fresh, positive, uplifting band based out of Beloit, WI. Incorporating elements of Funkadelic, Rock, Reggae and Hippie Hip Hop, Earth to Clark celebrates a dynamic sound that draws a wide variety of audience members.

(garage rock)

Established in 2012. Mitchell Benson, Mike Herold & Mikey Kleis have been on a nonstop journey to create a band that pushes their musical creativity to new boundaries. This high variety power trio delivers a consistent zany rock sound while continually experimenting with new tones and themed concepts for individual songs. In 2013 Splimit released their self titled E.P & in 2015 they had the honor to open up for punk rock legends “The Misfits”. With a genre bending mentality, these three musicians continue to incorporate diverse musical ideas into a unfailing vibration of individuality. You can now find Splimit’s newest full length record “The Lumberland Success” available for purchase and streaming on all major platforms.

(reggae rock)​

At it’s core, Irie Minds is all about jammin’, good vibes, and getting people on their feet. Formed in Minnesota, this reggae/rock 6-piece never fails to bring infectious grooves that you can’t help but dance to. Drawing inspiration from bands like Sublime and Giant Panda Guerrilla Dub Squad, the band fuses the sounds of SoCal and East Coast reggae to form their signature Midwest style, cultivating a vibe that is equally as inspiring as it is entertaining. Through their captivating stage presence and engaging performances, Irie Minds has become well established in the Southern Minnesota music scene. Since their inception in early 2017, they have developed a strong local fan base, toured regionally, and released their debut EP “Uprooted”. Looking ahead to their next release, an original, 7-song melting pot of reggae influences entitled “Big Love”, they are performing and touring the Midwest with one main objective at the forefront: To continue spreading love and good vibes through their music.

(Rock, Funk, Outer Space)​

Intergalactic Pirates from the 7th Dimension.

(roots rock)

Roots, Blues and Progressive Rock led by Minneapolis powerhouse Bobby Patrick. The band features members from The Gypsy Lumberjacks, Indigo Sect, Hyentyte and Smokin Joe. This talented group of musicians keeps the listeners engaged and the dancers on their toes while they flawlessly take the audience on a eclectic genre bending adventure.


The Floating Perspectives bring you powerful, incisive lyrics backed by a lush string ensemble. Behind their deceptively upbeat music and rich harmonies, The Floating Perspectives grapple with the beauty and uncertainty of life to bring you a real, but positive message. Drawing influence from the energy of rock, the rhythmic drive of bluegrass, the catchiness of pop, and the lyricism of indie music, comes this energetic, acoustic band with a sound all its own.


Renneygade is the one-man Roots/jam/experimental project of Tyler Renney (singer/guitarist of touring reggae act, Rootz Within). He deftly weaves guitar, keys, percussion, and vocals with his loop station; creating a musical tapestry similar to Keller Williams, and El dub


Dubbed ‘electro soul brilliance’, Desperate Electric has spent the past year honing in on that sound. Comprised of vocalist and bass player Kayti Korte and producer, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist Ben Morris, the pair fuse elements of electronic music and live instrumentation to create a sound that transports you to past decades of funk and rock ‘n roll, while spinning you wildly into a futuristic soundscape.

(weekly livestream webcast talk show)​

The Smokin' Joe Show is a weekly talk show hosted Joe Scarpellino.  Joe features the latest in music news from the region, as well as a different special guest every week.  The guests are a variety of artists - usually Midwestern but spanning internationally.  Guests on the show play a game with the host, watch music videos, engage in an interview, as well as perform their music live.  This hourlong weekly series is streamed live as a webcast, and produced by Vicarious Visions.  The show is usually filmed at Minneapolis Television Network in Minneapolis, MN - but Joe and the crew have been known to take the show on the road to festivals, events, and even on tour!  The show airs most often on Thursdays at 7pm CST - but is rewatch able on Smokin' Joe's YouTube channel, as well as in syndication on Mpls local cable channel MTN 17/18.  We're looking forward to bringing the show in front of the festival for the first time in it's full form!!

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