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Childhood spent in the woods of North Carolina. (Age 8 relocated to the hills of Birmingham, Alabama). Schooled on the Plains of Auburn, AL, and spent the first years of the art career tracing the coasts of Florida and South Carolina. Ended up in the heart of the Mid West and stayed for a good while. Intent to become a snowbird from now on. (MN winters are so ANGRY, -we're beach people at my house. ~See you next Spring, sorta-thing.

Dizzle Arts is artwork  produced by J.D. Hernandez aka DizZ . Influenced by various different art styles Dizz takes everyday situations uses some imagination and takes it for a ride. Giving people, places, or things a vibrant twist of color.

After moving to the midwest in 2011 DizZ was introduced to live painting and hasn't looked back since. Sharing , creating ,  collaborating, And most importantly making connections thru sharing live art. Upon doing so Dizz has had the honor of live painting at a number of Music Festivals such as The Galactic Get Down Music Festival, Revival, Project Earth, Shangri-La, Kosmic Kingdom, Hotel Minnesnowta,  and Vibe High to name a few. Dizz has also had the pleasure of painting  for some very talented musicians such as That 1Guy, Matisyahu and Stephen Marley, Zach Deputy, Wookiefoot,  Space Monkey Mafia, and Dead Larry .

Sharing artwork is the mission. Creating a colorful place for everyone to enjoy.

Mary Thompson aka Mary MF Tee aka Jess' wife is a self taught visionary artist from St. Cloud. She got her start in the artist's community nine years ago by live painting at shows playing at the Cabooze. Her favorite tools to use are a compass, a ruler, a protractor, and of course a paint brush. Her favorite shape is a circle because it's 360 degrees, or twelve triangular slices of 30 degrees. Specializing in intricate Mandala work, she also paints whimsical, bright colored psychedelic art. She strongly believes that if an artist is at work, you should leave them alone out of respect for their train of thought. 

Melanie is an ever growing artist. Working in a variety of mediums, and styles. From fine art illustrations, psychedelic paintings, to vectorized logos. Melanie's artwork reflects her deep reverence for nature, infused with vibrant color, while exploring the phenomena of light, exaggerating subject matter with lucid lines, and revealing the teeming energy fields just beyond the veil of human perception. Inspiring a universal message through art, design, and technology. 

Mike Wilson

In the beginning there was nothing and for awhile after that too…

5 years ago I took my first small step in the art world. Its been a crazy journey of wonderful art shows, music festivals, fundraisers and displaying in coffee shops.  My art has been inspired by the endless possibilities for creation that is the cosmos.  As we continue to spin into the void, I hope that all can come along on this journey through time and space.

Cristin Chambers (also known as, ‘PanArt’) is a professional mixed media and visionary artist and teacher based in Kansas City, Missouri. 
As well as showing artwork locally, she also teaches art techniques and art journaling online in collaborative and solo art courses with artists from all around the world.

       PanArt considers herself to be a heArtist because she paints from the heart and infuses emotion into all of her artwork. She loves to use rich color, texture, storytelling, experimentation and values the art of letting go and embracing art rebellion. 

Rob Munger

Rob Munger is somewhat new to letting his art work out into the world. Bursting his way out of the shell. If we are all only limited to our own imagination, this man surely is bound by no limits. Unpredictable work, abstract, with no boundaries. 

Tex Beltz

Tex Beltz is a live painter/illustrator/vendor/reniassance man of the festival scene! You've seen him in past years working with some of the most prolific artists in the live art scene, as well as hosting galleries at events across the midwest. He creates "mostly cartoons" with acrylics, as well as digital art helping many pin manufacturers across the country bring their ideas to life. (He's usually got some to look at!)  Tex currently resides in Missouri where he toils through the daylight hours as a Chef, waiting for the next weekend or event to arrive!  


Resume includes appearances at: 
Wakarusa 2015 (Ozark, AR)
Backwoods 2016, 2018 (Stroud OK, Ozark, AR)
Hillberry 2015,2016,2017 (Eureka Springs, AR)
Highberry 2016, 2017 (Ozark and Eureka Springs AR)
Phunkberry 2017 (Eureka Springs, AR)
Revival 2018 (Geneva MN)
Galactic Get Down 2018 (Houston MN)

Phantom Flux 6 (Cadron Creek AR)

I began doing art full time a few years ago as a way of honoring this beautiful planet we live on. I specialize in blending animals and nature with feminine energy in an attempt to evoke a narrative in others that simultaneously resonates with my own vision. I’m on a mission to spread love, courage, and beauty like wildfire through the infinite power of visual storytelling. My artistic journey has thus far led to working with a number of companies including my art being featured on  products thru Vintagemanrobot, Berry creamy pins, Festidrops, Conscious soul collective and Ground Score Clothing as well as being a residential painter for euphoric conceptions and live painting for Sub Octave and Winter Warmer Music Festival. I work in several mediums ranging from pen and paint to digital art. While favoring ink and watercolor.I try not to restrict the message I'm portraying to the tools I have in hand  

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